Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pajama Sexism

This morning I was picking stuff up off the floor, and as is my custom, I attempted to shove some of the loose toy parts into my pockets. Well, as you all must know by now, I have no job so I am free to roam in my pajama pants until the mood strikes me to get dressed (usually before noon). So, I stand there, my hand twisting a around like a puppy rooting for a teat, until I remember that ladies' pajamas pants do not come with pockets. Why is this? I have seen what men have (for pajamas, haha), and they freaking have pockets! Do women not need pockets? This pocket sexism exists for ladies' slacks as well. There are no pockets. Suit jackets for women often do have pockets, but they are tiny affairs which I always end up over-stuffing, so that it looks like I have a thyroid disorder. I know exactly on what assumption that this pocket exclusion is based on. Garment makers depend upon the notion that women carry handbags. I carry no such bag. I have a bag, but I don't want to feel like some Mt. Everest sherpa with some bag tethered to my neck and shoulder all day. God forbid I set the thing down, because as sure as I am sitting here, I will forget the bag and some homeless woman will be applying for a car loan with my social security number (good luck to her, by the way my credit sucks!). What is really frustrating for me is when I go to buy a pair of jeans (which is all that us unemployed people really need to wear), I try them on, fit is good, price is good, they get bought then lo and behold I wear them that first day and discover that they have "decorative" pockets. What the bloody hell! Decorative pockets? Sequins are decorative (which I abhor), pockets are functional, as in I need them to stuff my crap into. It is either that or the pockets, while not sewn together, are so small that I could barely fit a marble in them, less alone a set of keys, some money (really very little of that), a cell phone, and an army guy or two. Again the presumption of the handbag. I can understand this really, but how does this fixation on the handbag carry over to pajamas? Are there seriously women toting around Gucci bags in their lounge wear? Do they sleep with the bag (guess that depends on what's in it -eh)? If I could sew I would just buy some cloth and affix some cargo pockets on my sleeping pants.


  1. Never thought about it, but yeah! I haven't seen a woman toting her purse around the house. A fanny pack, perhaps? I think they're pretty cheap, now that they're between vogues. (I English good speak yes!)

  2. I am SO with you! I have to have pockets. It's so bad that even given to choice of wearing "grown up" clothes to work or scrubs, I always choose the scrubs. The reason? Functional freakin' pockets! I refuse to carry a purse for the same reason - I'll lose it. Or over-stuff it to the point that I wouldn't be able to lift it. Either way, pockets are a necessity for me.

  3. Oh yeah,definitely need those pockets! Pls walk around with a fancy handbag and pj's in front of your kids. I'd love to know of their reaction to your new fashion statement.;-)

    Fortunately, my pj's have pcokets, and I love that kurtha's are coming with pockets these days. Don't you just envy me my good fortune!?!:D

  4. I actually thought of you this morning when I got up and put my pajamas on for work (my Halloween costume) and realized that they had pockets! I was so thrilled and knew that you'd be a little jealous :)

  5. Will: while the fanny pack may appeal to my delight in the obscene, I don't think it would be a comfy addition to my lounge wear. My luck, it would drop off into the toilet.
    GunDiva: How soft are these scrubs? I am indeed jealous. I may go out and buy a pair. Confuse the neighbors, make them think I actually have a job.
    Kaotic: My kids are about as observant as starving hyenas placed before a fallen gazelle. They wouldn't notice if I came down the stairs wearing a chador. Everone has pockets but me. I am buying men's pajamas.