Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Impending Dementia

Today I was bathing the dogs, and kept forgetting things here and there. As I was running up and down the stairs my step-daughter Nika gave me a funny look. I turned to her and was prepared to say that I was getting my exercise for the day, when I forgot the word for exercise. What the heck is that about? If I have any fear at all, it is that I will lose my mental faculties. Now if I have a choice, come old age, I would elect to lose my physical abilities as opposed to my mental ones. It’s not like I don’t appreciate the old bod (it has a few applications that I have come to appreciate over the years), but my mind is my most trusted friend. It keeps me amused, and plots out the meal plan. As my own mortality has presented itself within recent years (I will blame the children for this), I have tried to act in such a way as to preserve myself for the greatest number of years. I get semi-regular exercise, cut back on the soda, etc. Mentally I feel I should be given a free pass. I read more than anyone I have met, do the Sunday crossword, and love brainteasers. What more could the old brain ask for? I think that if my mind does start to go, I want it to go in entirety. I don’t want any of those brief moments of lucidity where I realize that I have forgotten how to chew, and have believed my son to be a tax collector for six months.
Perhaps I should blame my recent forgetfulness on my tendency to daydream. I have always been a thinker. I think everyone remembers the early days in a romantic relationship where one or the other glowingly looks up and says “what are you thinking?” Let me tell you those times were short lived for me. The first time that you spout off that you are contemplating the NGO response to child exploitation in Southeast Asia, you are put on that don’t ask don’t tell list. I should take the man approach and say “nothing”. Is it truly possible to think of nothing? I think when I’m sleeping. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to be a tad senile, perhaps then I would get a decent night’s rest.
Is there anyone else who feels that electronic animals are the way to go? My youngest son James has his heart set on a little kitten from grandma’s farm. It should be said that I already care for five animals. I have made it known that there be will no new animals until one of the current ones dies (birds count as one). He is heartbroken. Now I would be amenable to a kitty if I were to be guaranteed that it would neither poop nor pee. Hence the electronic pet, or a big roll of duct tape and some hot glue. Any suggestions?


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  2. Landed on this page via Madness and Beauty, and had to stop by to tell you that I got all excited reading the list of books mentioned in your fav list. And there I was trying to remember the Solzhenitsyn book I'd liked and read aeons ago( a couple of days back), and voila, the answer was there in that list - Cancer Ward. I have been re-enlightened, thanks to your list! :D

    Oops, some help I've been in the suggestions dept...sorry.:-( I'm sure his wee broken heart will mend in good time though.

    Talking of "Nothing", non non, not even when you sleep...'cause that's when dreams take over, and isn't that another level of thinking altogether? :-)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the list. Poor boy is four, so luckily for me, his yearnings come and go. He hasn't mentioned kitty in several days. I think I should just steer clear of the Mother-in-law for a while.

  4. Smart woman. That might do the trick. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by my page, and yes, I did reply to your comment there(scribbled it all down before my brain shut down!).